Best First Motorcycles

Welcome to Best First Motorcycles, your beginner motorcycle guide. There are many bikes to choose from, we’re here to help you figure out getting into motorcycling.

Motorcycling is a individual experience. Your needs and interests when selecting a motorcycle are your own. There are several major categories of bikes with none being “better” than another – although riders of one type usually have strong opinions of riders of other types. There are great choices for a first motorcycle in any category. Remember, if you like motorcycling, you’re going to get a better bike eventually and maybe it’s best to try out all the types over the years. The truth is, the choice is yours. Learn more about our suggestions, and give some input on what you like!

Beginner motorcycle guides:

Sport – Full plastic fairing, forward seating position, crotch rocket.

Standard – upright seating, minimal or no fairing.

Cruiser – A hog, feet forward and hands up.

Scooter / Moped – Small wheels and small engines, city commuters.


Other Motorcycle Categories:

Touring – Large motorcycles with good amenities for long journeys.

Sport Touring -Much sportier than a touring bike, but with better comfort than sport bike.

Dual Sport – Street Legal, but good on dirt.

Off Road – Dirt Bikes, really only for use off road riding.