A range of small to large motorcycles designed for comfort and looks with a relaxed upright seating position. They are notable for their heavy use of chrome and are often highly customized.

Honda CMX250C Rebel 250 – MSRP $3199

Specs – 0-60: 6.9 seconds

Top Speed: 70mph

Horsepower: 16.1bhp

Weight: 320lb

mpg: 52

Very much a beginner motorcycle, the Rebel 250 is the quintessential 250cc cruiser motorcycle. If you are looking for something fun, yet easy to handle, this might be it. It is much lighter than larger engine motorcycles, so you can not feel like you’ll drop it at a stop light. This is a bike you’re probably going to want to upgrade after 6 months to a year. It also makes a great motorcycle for a woman because of its lighter weight. and low seat.

Suzuki Boulevard S40 – MSRP $4399

Specs -

Engine – 652cc single cylinder.

Weight – 352lb Dry

1/4 mile – 16 seconds at 77mph

MPG – 53mpg

The Suzuki Boulevard S40 was once known as the Suzuki LS650 Savage until 2004. It is a great motorcycle for beginners and experienced riders who don’t need a whole ton of power. It’s a good size for people 6 feet and under and is light (around 350lb dry) so it’s safer to learn on or to ride safely regularly.

Join the discussion. What other good starter Cruiser motorcycles would you suggest? Feel free to ask questions.


2 thoughts on “Cruisers

  1. I think the the Vstar 250cc is a great beginner bike! Pretty cheap going under $4000 and it also is the same bike that we took our beginner motorcycle class on. Super Light for the smaller girls like me too!

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